How To Make Your Boobs Smaller-Natural Remedies

Bigger Boobs And Smaller Boobs


While I was younger, nobody talked about how to reduce boobs. Young girls, married women, and university ladies were all looking for what to make their breasts bigger. And celebrities didn’t help matters as we always saw frontal transformations on famous actresses from flat chested to fully breast. Most men also thought a bigger breast meant a better bed experience. But according to a University of Vienna study, it wasn’t true.

If you are still reading this second paragraph, it means you really want to know how to make your boobs smaller, and you want to know-how. But in this fully loaded piece I do not stop there, I talk about factors that affect breast size, myths about breast reduction and natural breast reduction methods.

The cost of having a big breast

Most women with big breasts want to reduce their boobs because they always get unwanted stares everywhere they go. If you are thinking of increasing your size, you might also want to rethink it because women with heavy bosoms always feel the excess strain on their spine and neck muscles.

Recent research showed that women with big breasts also have a higher tendency of getting cancer than their smaller counterparts. And don’t ever forget that even the market is short on bra products for women in the extra-large range.

What affects your boob size?


Suppose you don’t know whether you would have a large breast or not. Look about your family, genetics goes a long way in determining how your body would be structured and your breast size. But do not fear, your breast might not be as big as your sister’s own

The body fat percentage

Boobs are partially made of fats. So your body mass index BMI and weight can influence how large your breasts will be.



One’s breast can’t remain the same size throughout your life. They go through a series of hormonal changes that would influence their size and shape as they grow older. Most times, your breast becomes bigger right after adolescence, and then steadily sags as you grow older.


Using some medications can determine the proportion of your breast. If you use hormonal birth control medication, they contain certain hormones that have a direct correlation with how the breast operates.

Menstrual cycle

Sometimes it is while experiencing the menstrual cycle that we really want to reduce our boobs because that’s when it becomes slightly bigger and tenderer. But don’t fret. It’s normal. After the cycle, it would go back to its usual shape.


Pregnancy=more progesterone=large breast. Over eighty per cent of women have a larger breast size during their pregnancy months. This is usually because of the large milk development by the body housed by the breast

Workout routine

My friends and I typically argue whether weights increase breast size or not. It doesn’t. According to researchers, exercising your pectoral muscles makes your breasts seem perkier.


Whenever you are breastfeeding, your breast has to get bigger to accommodate the milk being produced for the newborn. As your child sucks from it, the size might change arbitrarily. Don’t panic. After weaning your child, it would most likely go back to its pre-pregnancy size.

How To Make Your Boobs Smaller


Best Exercises to Reduce Breast Size

Exercise has been proven to help in reducing boobs. In fact, Aerobic exercise reduces your weight throughout your body. Exercise however does not work on a one-off basis. You would need to consistently exercise to see any


When you swim, you exercise your pectoral muscles and make your body
more flexible for you to shape as you please. Besides, swimming seems like an effective alternative if you do not like to push up or weights lifting. When you swim, most especially when you use styles like breaststroke, your breast isn’t considered a weight but a relevant part of your body. Taking 20 minutes of your time to swim will go a long way in your breast reduction process.

Constant Push-Ups

Push up is also one of the few exercises that focus on the upper body. As you do it more consistently, challenging yourself to complete full tracks, you gain higher control over how your body swerves and holds. Push-ups of about 15 to 20 times are good routines.


As you jog, your body fat decreases. This includes your breast fat. So as much as you can jog, make sure to reach about 20 to 30 minutes

Strength Training

Adding a little muscle to your body is actually a good thing because it makes you become better at handling how your breast appears. Exercises like
shoulder press and bench press can add to the muscle beneath your boobs.


Clothes you can wear to Make Your Breasts Look Smaller

Clothing defines your personality. What you would wear could also determine how your body structure would reflect. Let me show you some tips on outfits to wear to reduce your boob size.

Make sure your clothing fits correctly

There is a difference between a body hug and a cloth that fits. A body-hug will emphasize your bosom. But a cloth that fits wouldn’t attract attention to your bosom.

Wear cashmere or cotton

Cotton and cashmere are clothing with good stretch. So you better start buying and wearing them knowing that they would accommodate your chest without accentuating them.

Wear dark tops

The bright spot is where the eye looks at first. SO when you wear dim tops and lighter skirts or trousers, other people’s eyes go first to the bottoms and not to your top.

Wear V-necks

When you wear a V-neck, you don’t draw attention to your breasts, but rather your collarbone. This can make your breasts appear smaller.

Get properly fitted

Find time, for a professional to measure your breasts. It will save you a lot of hassle and increase your comfort. When you know, you can easily choose a bra size that would help your posture and grace.

Use a Sports Bra

If you are looking for something to gently compress your breast, a sports bra might be the option. A sports bra also provides support for your breast in a way that normal bras wouldn’t.

Buy a Quality Binder

One of my friends wears a binder regularly, so I couldn’t believe her size when we were at the pool. She had to show me the binder before I could believe her. So if you are thinking of reducing your boobs, it is definitely an option.
However, if you feel uncomfortable or encounter breathing challenges. Do not use it.

Natural ways to reduce the size of your boobs

Reduce estrogen

The breast is actually divided into two parts, the fatty and glandular tissue. Estrogen level determines how the milk production would be, a direct relationship to the size of the glandular part. So when estrogen level is reduced, your breast size can reduce.
Some research puts forward that you can lessen estrogen levels through nutritive changes. You would have to talk with your doctor to consult about estrogen-levelling nutrition.

Breast Reduction Surgery

When you feel your DD size breast is causing you some interferences you do not want. You can talk k to a doctor about wanting to decrease your boobs.
The process is called mammoplasty, and all that is done is to remove the excess fat and glandular tissue from your breast. If you think surgery, might do you more harm than good; let your doctor know your worries before taking you through the procedures.


Since the breast has fatty tissue, watching your consumption of fats can a long way in how your breast would be over time. Make sure to eat;

  • Veggies and fruits that are high in fiber
  •  Make sure to eat nutrient-dense foods that are low in calories. Healthy weight loss can be accomplished by eating fruit, vegetables, fish, or lean meat, such as grilled chicken.
  • Various whole grains like brown rice, barley, and whole wheat bread
  • Protein-rich foods include nuts, eggs, fish, and poultry
  •  Nuts, olive oil, avocado, and dairy products such as yoghurt contain healthy fats
  •  And avoid fried food.
    However, in whatever you do, not let your calories consumption fall below 1,200 per day\

Why small boobs are great!

Humans have adorned breasts of different shapes and sizes. In ancient Africa, the larger the breast, the more adorned, while in the Far East, the smaller, the better. Science claims one reason for the obsession with the breast is that in a version of a mammary gland, it is a source of life.

So knowing this, why are small boobs the best thing?

The bra has become so involved in our clothing that most people do not know what it is to live without it. Despite sometimes the discomfort, itch and marks it creates. If you are blessed with a small breast, you do not have to wear a bra.
So you totally avoid the back pain or sore neck that wearing it might cost.

You can get breast orgasms

Small breasts are by far more sensitive than their bigger counterpart. So you can even get a breast orgasm faster and easier at times than it matters through nipple stimulation.
Bra Choice
You have a wider option range of bra sizes if you have small breasts, and you might have even a shuffle in our clothing line without much apprehension or cost. So I think it is a far more considerate option than actually being big breasted.

Different Sex Positions

If your partner is always talking about big breasts being the best thing in the world, prove him wrong. Small breasts are actually able to involve in more positions that would create the highest pleasure but only when both of you are ready to go all the way.

Cons of having a small breast

Shirts never seem to fit right

Shirts are typically super loose towards the top, and you have to keep them in place as you bend down or you’ll flash everyone around you.

Unbalanced Size

Smaller breasts can have the disadvantage of not increasing in size as you gain weight. It is easy to put on weight in your butts, belly, arms, thighs, and face, but not the boobs

You need to get dresses tailored

A dress will fit perfectly on its bottom in most cases, but it will appear to be ill-fitting on its top.

Limited sensible fashion choice

If you really decide to reduce your breasts, you have to recognize that they are few wears that can actually accentuate what you have. Most typical dresses would just make your bosom choice awkward or unfavourable to the eye.

Myths about Reducing Breast Size

Although most people claim some of this work, science hasn’t been able to prove any of them sufficiently. Some experts say how you sleep determines how your breast would be. If you sleep on your back, your boobs wouldn’t flatten or change easily. On social media, Vaseline has been making grounds as being able to have an effect on breast size. Recently, a myth of how using a tight brassiere would reduce
boobs are also going around.



The decision to reduce your breast is left to you. You can decide to reduce it naturally by watching your diet, by exercises that would allow you more access to handling your breast or even wearing clothes that do not accentuate it.
Whatever you choose ensure you are in a conversation with your doctor. Remember, big breasts can be an awkward or a reason for tiresome pain. So if you decide to also have a breast reduction surgery. It is also good, as in 2022, over 65% say that they were delighted with the result of the surgery.
However, don’t make the decision to change your breast size spontaneously or because your friends are doing it. Since talking about breasts seems a touché.
Especially if we want to view it coming from the cultural and media angle. So do it wisely.
Thanks for reading this.

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