7 Best Foods For Weight Loss And Why

food for weight loss

No one likes excess fatness of the body, as this can make someone lose self-esteem as a result of body shaming and that’s why you should read this amazing article to find out the 7 best foods for weight loss.

It’s not the only exercise that can lead to Weight loss, there are foods you can eat which can lead to Weight loss, and these are the types of food that you will get to know in this article. 

Without much ado, it will be baseless, if we should consider the reasons why you should lose weight, but we can consider this at the end of the article. 

As stated by research and proven by scientists, some foods affect your appetite, and this may influence your weight.

If you are trying to lose weight, you should consume more nutrient-dense foods, which give more Fibre and protein which helps your weight management. 

According to a study, Fruits, whole grains, vegetables, nuts, yogurts, all have connections to weight loss. 

According to the same study, red meats, potato chips, processed meat, sugary beverages all have their connection to weight gain. 

Due to all these findings, it will be great if you can limit your consumption of fried foods, foods high in fat, sugary foods, and processed foods. 

The below are the 7 best foods for weight loss, and why.


egg for weight loss

The egg isn’t something that will be new to you. It’s one of the popular foods that everyone consumes as breakfast. 

According to this study by researchers, eating eggs is directly synonymous with hunger which can lead to weight loss. 

Researchers proceeded further, by considering the level of insulin which is known as blood sugar, which was found to be very minimal. 

In addition, those who consume eggs as breakfast testify to feeling less hungry and feeling satisfied with little food. In addition, eggs reduce the level of sugar in the body.



Starting your day with oatmeal can make you lose excess fat, within a short period. 

Oatmeal is light food, it’s hot, which will make you sweat and make your body light. In addition, it doesn’t contain sugar ingredients, nor fats which pose fats to the body. 

Aside from eggs, oatmeal is the next meal which you should consider taking in the morning if you would like to burn off excess fat in the body. 

If you should try eating oatmeal, you will find out you will feel less hungry, and oatmeal as well provides more fiber and protein to the body.

Beans, lentils, chickpeas, and peas

Beans, chickpeas, lentils, and peas are a group of foods that work together to make a body lose weight in no time. 

These groups of food are both right in carbohydrates, which makes it easy to lose weight. 

Nevertheless, foods such as beans are not ideal to be taken in the morning, and many do not like to take this food in the morning. 

If you can endeavor to be taking these foods as dinner, they can greatly influence your overall weight, and make you lose weight faster.


According to a popular study made on weight loss, nuts are one of the popular types of food, which you can use to reduce your weight. 

The nut contains less fat, and as well gives more fiber to the body, with the help of protein present in nuts, it makes it easy to lose weight. 

Nevertheless, nuts should be consumed in moderation as their weight-burning effect is very high. While consuming it, watch your weight frequently, like at least 2 times a week, to be sure you are not overdoing things, and burning more than the needed weight.


Avocados are one of the fruits which you can depend upon for weight loss. It’s rich in fiber and protein, nourishing your body, with the required nutrients to lose weight.

Furthermore, you should ensure you get fresh fruits, to avoid getting contaminated fruits which can cause much more damage to your body. 

You can always get fresh ones from supermarkets near you, ensuring to wash properly before consumption. 

However, losing weight is good for your reasons, but you mustn’t overdo things. Endeavor to check your weight regularly, as you continue with eating the foods we’ve mentioned in the article, so you do not go beyond measure.


Having excess weight can give emotional stress many times. There are times when you won’t feel comfortable with how you look and your state of well-being. 

However, the most popular way by which people think they can lose weight is via exercise, nevertheless, it’s not everyone who has the mind to go through vigorous exercise to lose weight. You can take advantage of the foods we’ve highlighted above to lose weight. 

If there are more questions, you will love to ask, kindly feel to drop such questions in the comment box. 

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