Quit Smoking with These Simple Tips

Quitting smoking

Some smokers have been determined to stop the habit of smoking but they don’t actually know how this mission could be accomplished.

This is how! Use the tips that have been provided in this article and it will help you to quit the smoking habit.

1. Get Determined

Make up your mind that you finally want to quit smoking so as to achieve success. Once you get determined over quitting cigarettes or any other form of smoking, you will achieve your aim.

There is a saying that “the degree of one’s determination influences the degree of success to be achieved”. Give yourself personal reasons that are more significant to overcome your urge for smoking.

This is actually the first step to make and it starts right within you. And once you contemplate and get motivated you can forge ahead with other tips listed down below for easy cigarette-quitting. 

2. Change Your Usual Brand

Change the brand of that cigarette you like most for the very last time you are going to smoke in your life. Decide to switch to a brand that you always find so distasteful maybe weeks to the targeted period you wish to stop.

Especially the one that has a low volume of nicotine and tar; this will instantly reduce your passion for smoking because you don’t find pleasure in doing it any longer.

Remember that you are not giving up anything, instead you are trying to get rid of a habit that causes harmful effects to your health.

At this point, you will have your final smoke and make your final decision with no doubt because you have actually switched to a distasteful brand of what you used to like. It follows the saying “When a child that is used to eating meat eats a frog, he will hate meat”.

3. Cut Back On The Quantity You Smoke

If you have formed a habit of smoking a packet of cigarettes per day, cut back by taking maybe a few sticks once a day. At some point, you may forget to smoke because your interest in cigarettes is dying off.

When you drastically slow down the rate by which you smoke, your interest will cut down if you actually want to quit completely. 

Despite that, any quantity of cigarette, whether little or much, can still cause harm to human health, cutting back can still help you attempt to quit entirely.

4. Replace Cigarette with Healthy Meals

You have made your decision of quitting smoking and you are now on the track of slowing down the lane. Changing your diet can help to make it easier for you to quit smoking.

It does not imply that you should go for an expensive meal plan; you can achieve this by choosing a healthy meal that will always keep your hand and mouth busy in order not to reach out for a smoke.

Similarly, on this point, replace the habit of smoking with a healthy habit. When you feel like smoking, you can take juice or fruits instead of cigarettes or tobacco.

5. Avoid Activities That Make You Smoke

Quitting smoking is always hard as smokers do say. But if you cut down first, it will be easier to quit. When you are cutting down by different methods try making the habit hard for you.

Do you wonder how? Achieve this by avoiding situations where you used to smoke, avoid the activities and friends that make you smoke; replace those activities with important things. When you dissociate yourself with these, it will be hard for you to smoke.

If you are a type that usually smokes whenever you sit out with friends to drink, you can adjust by taking the drink in your home. Buy the drink and take it home, drink with your wife or other integral parts of your family who can encourage you on the mission you are embarking on.

6. Do Away Things Relating To Cigarette

When you are making efforts to quit smoking, do not carry cigarette packs around with you or stay where you could be inhaling the smoke.

Carrying cigarettes or cigarette packs along with you can tempt you to smoke it likewise inhaling the smoke.

It is not easy at all to quit and it actually takes a long process to achieve success in most cases. So save yourself the temptation of lighting up a stick again, do away with everything that has to do with cigarettes.

You have to do away with cigarettes and everything about it so that you can forget about it entirely. Get rid of the lighter or matchboxes you normally use to light on cigarettes, cigarettes and everything that reminds you of it.

7. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is just like a younger brother to smoking. One common thing about smoking habit is that it goes with alcohol.

So if you normally smoke while taking alcoholic drinks, you have to limit alcohol or even stop when trying to quit smoking.

Smokers will tell you that they don’t enjoy their smokes without alcoholic drinks. This means that alcohol serves as a trigger to smoking habits.

Simply avoid everything alcohol and other things you know that triggers smoking in your life.

8. Talk to a Doctor

Don’t do it alone, talk to your doctor about your wishes and efforts to stop smoking. He or she can help find a medical substitution of the nicotine that you inhale while smoking and the feelings after smoking (nicotine therapy).

There could be other replacement therapy other than the one stated above, that is why you have to talk to your doctor first. 

The doctor will also provide you with other helpful methods such as quit-smoking classes, medication, counselling, applications, and hypnosis for easy quitting.

9. Memories the Health Effects of Cigarette

At this juncture, make proper research on the effects and implications of smoking. All the effects of cigarette smoking are negative, such as lung cancer, heart problems etc.

When you have known these results and constantly remind yourself that your heart and lungs and overall health are at risk, you will quickly drop it completely.

10. Let Not Failure Discourage You

You may find yourself one day in the situation of lighting up and smoking again. Do not be discouraged, it is always like that most times.

Many smoking addicts who have quitted tried and failed on several occasions before they were able to quit finally.

When you see yourself smoking again after making a prolonged effort, do not be discouraged, remember that there is no success without a record of failure.

Recall what made you fall back and then devise a strategy for dealing with such a situation whether emotional, social or otherwise.

How can I deal with cigarette craving after a meal while trying to quit smoking?

This is another difficult factor that can affect quitting-smoking. Craving usually comes after dinner. Whichever case, here are the simple things to do to deal with such cravings.

Chew sugarless gum after a meal. It can be sugar-free fruits such as apples or vegetables; sugarless gum has shown a great effect in fighting nicotine withdrawal and craving for smoking after a meal while keeping the mouth busy.

On the other hand, you can start reading an interesting story book or journals, listen to music or scan your favourite blog to read exciting articles that could help to take your mind off the craving.

In conclusion,

 smoking can be very addictive but once you have decided to stop smoking, set a quit date within an interval of days or months. Apply the ideas provided in this article to quit for life.

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