10 Pack Abs – Is It Really Achievable? Guide to Looking Great

10 Pack Abs

What are 10 Pack Abs? Well, as the saying goes, abs are made in the kitchen. And yes, that’s true to an extent, but it’s also true that you can have all the right diet and exercise habits but still not see any results.

Why? In order to get 10 pack abs, you need more than just good eating and exercising habits—you need to know what kind of food and exercises will really give you those 10 pack abs while not wasting your time.

Workout Routine: 3 Day Split

Chest and Triceps, Back and Biceps, Legs. Each day split up into the upper body and lower body exercise groups, each day you will be doing exercises that isolate these muscle groups. Such as Chest on one day, back on another, and legs on another.

This is so you can work for these muscle groups more specifically without fatiguing them too much while working other muscles of your body.

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10 Pack Abs

With each day split up, you will be using a different rep range. On one day, do lower reps and on another day high reps. This is so you don’t fatigue your muscles with long workouts.

When done three times a week, it can lead to muscle gain if training correctly but also improve endurance and strength in these areas of your body.

Diet Tips

Eating a healthy diet is essential for good health and general wellbeing. But did you know that many of your eating habits could be causing your body harm? I’m not talking about McDonald’s, sweets, or alcohol here (though all of these are bad for you too) but about foods that can actually have an adverse effect on your metabolism and therefore may lead to long-term damage if consumed regularly.

What’s more, these foods are often disguised as healthy alternatives when in fact they’re doing your body more harm than good. Here are ten of the worst offenders:

1. Beans – Beans contain a protein called lectin which can have an adverse effect on your digestion and cause bloating. If you have problems with digestion or bloating, it may be worth cutting beans out of your diet for a while and seeing if it makes a difference. If so, then you might want to avoid them altogether.
2. Tomatoes Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants but they also contain a chemical called solanine which is toxic in large quantities. While most people won’t eat enough tomatoes to suffer any ill effects, those who are sensitive may experience headaches, stomach aches, and fatigue when eating tomatoes regularly.
3. Cauliflower This vegetable contains high levels of sulphuric acid which can irritate your stomach lining when eaten in large quantities. For most people cauliflower is fine but if you suffer from gastric reflux or ulcers it’s best to avoid cauliflower as much as possible.
4. Carrots – Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A and beta-carotene but they also contain high levels of carotene which, when consumed in large quantities can lead to fat build-up in your liver.

1. Set Goals

Setting your goals first is an essential part of success. It’s a simple yet often overlooked habit that high achievers all share. They set goals, they visualize, and they make them happen.

This kind of discipline isn’t easy. You can take it slow and start with smaller goals to get in the swing of things or challenge yourself by setting big goals that are bold but realistic.

When you set and reach a goal, you immediately feel motivated for more and it becomes an upward spiral that can help turn your dreams into reality! The best time to do all of these things is now! Set your goal, visualize it happening, then go out there and make it happen.


2. Have an Accountability Partner

Get serious about your health, start by tracking your progress. Because while you can still lose weight without keeping track of calories, it’s much easier if you do. With an app like MyFitnessPal or Lose It! (both of which are free), you can log everything you eat—and we mean everything. Ounce for ounce, these apps will account for every food item in your diet.

Find someone who will check in with you regularly and offer their thoughts. A personal trainer is a great accountability partner, but not everyone can afford one.

Luckily, there are plenty of free options out there—just ask a friend or family member for help and check in often! If you’re having trouble finding someone, many online communities also have forums where members can cheer each other on.

Track your progress regularly. People who successfully lose weight and keep it off are those who pay attention to more than just their body weight or size.

Are 10 pack abs possible?

Most men are interested in a 10 pack abs; is it possible? Well, before you start believing that you have to have chiseled abs like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, let me first explain what a 10 pack actually is.

A 10 pack isn’t exactly ten muscles, but rather ten muscles populating your stomach area. This definition is important because a six-pack of beer for example isn’t going to get you where you want! If you want great abs, then focus on training your waist region (love handles and lower abdominals).

The idea behind getting a 6-pack or a 10-pack is that each muscle can be seen when viewed from different angles.

The reason most people don’t have six-packs yet is that they do not diet correctly. Diet plays a huge role in shaping your body, so making poor food choices means your body is going to look bad no matter how hard you work out.

Are 12-pack abs possible?

So what are 12-pack abs? The 12-pack ab is a concept that is referring to having a six-pack and then adding another layer of fat above it, so you have a total of 12 packs (6 on top of 6) The first image here on the left shows an example of someone with 6 pack abs.

Then there’s a second picture showing how it would look like if you had 4-pack abs, and then added another layer above that for 8-pack abs, so in total, you have 12-pack abs. The great thing about 12 packs is that they can be as small or big as you want them to be.

How can I get Deeper Abs?

If you have shallow abs, you may look good from a distance. But as you get close and your abs are revealed, they might be less defined than they could be.

One reason is that your body fat percentage is too high; it’s possible for someone with six-pack abs to still not look great in a swimsuit if their body fat percentage is too high.

To reveal deeper abs and a flatter stomach, try cutting back on calories and getting more exercise. Adding ab exercises can also help since they work and tone your abdominal muscles. This will help decrease excess belly fat while increasing muscle definition over time.

You can also try reducing your body fat percentage by eating less and exercising more. You should aim for at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three times a week, combined with strength training twice a week.

For more serious exercise, you might work up to about 30 minutes of aerobic exercise five times a week and add abs exercises as part of that routine.

Exercises such as running, cycling, and swimming will help burn calories and body fat; however, if you just want to lose weight around your stomach you’ll need high-intensity interval training workouts (HIIT).

HIIT is short bursts of very high-intensity exercise followed by periods of rest, repeated several times throughout one workout session.

Why is Getting Abs so Hard?

Many people struggle to get six-pack abs for a few different reasons. One, they aren’t sure which workout routines are best.

Two, they don’t follow their routine. Three, they don’t know how to eat right. If you want visible abdominal muscles you need an exercise plan and a diet plan that work together and complement each other.

That is why we are going to present you with these two plans that are proven winners! Below is a thorough guide on how you can get fit and attain those sexy abs.

The first thing you need to do is get a plan for eating. Without a proper diet, no amount of exercise will make you look good. We recommend using our Fit Tracker which helps you keep track of your diet and calorie intake so that you can shed those pounds and start your journey. You can download it here

Is it OK to do Abs Workouts Daily?

Ab workouts aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they should be used with caution. According to Muscle Function in Health and Disease, too much ab work can lead to intra-abdominal pressure that pushes against nearby organs.

The result: You could feel fatigued, have a hard time breathing, or possibly even suffer an injury. In general, doing an abs workout daily is fine as long as you don’t overdo it.

But if you have a medical condition that affects your lungs or respiratory system (such as asthma), it may be a good idea for you not to do ab exercises every day.

For example, if you have asthma and do a series of ab exercises that involves holding your breath or doing crunches while you’re breathing heavily, it could trigger an asthma attack.

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